Friday, March 25, 2011

Writers Need Kristen Lamb!

Kristen Lamb is the best writer on social media for writers that I've found in two years of researching the subject.

In her best-selling book We Are Not Alone she tells writers how to use social media to build a circle of relationships. These relationships are the basis of the "platform" that publishers and agents now want writers to have.

I can't say enough good about her book. She demystifies social media, tells writers how to succeed, and she does it with laugh-out-loud humor. Buy. Read. Use.

Kristen Lamb's blog: Good idea to subscribe to her blog posts.
We Are Not Alone: If you are a writer, independent film maker, or artist, you should stop what you are doing, buy this book and spend the next two days to reading it. It is that important.

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