Tuesday, April 13, 2010

'how to get your film out into the world' article

Shipped the article on 'How to get your film out into the world.' It started out as an article about digital distribution, but as I got into the research for the article I realized that what 99% of micr0-budget filmmakers really needed to know was how to promote their films.

In other words, how to get their films out into the world, and how to find what Kevin Kelly calls their true fans.

Distribution and promotion are separate subjects. Distribution is about one thing: money. Promotion is about finding and nurturing a community that cares about you and your art.

When the promotion article appears I'll post a link to it.

Distribution is subject for a future article. I see three more topics to cover:
Hybrid distribution deals.
Traditional distribution deals.
Distribution scams and rip-offs.

How to prepare for public speaking

Tim Ferriss on how to prepare for public speaking.

Monday, April 5, 2010

status of film distribution and promotion article

I have done an enormous amount of research on this article, and yet I am still anxious about it.

The film distribution business is in chaos. The old model doesn't work.

The people hit worst by the chaos are the people for whom I write, DIY micro-budget filmmakers. It's a safe bet that a) they won't find a distributor. b) if they *do* find a distributor, they will never see a penny and their films will be promoted poorly... if at all.

As one filmmaker who makes ultra-low-budget films told me, "I sell 30 DVDs on my website at $30 each, and people say '$900, that's pretty good.' But it took me 500 hours to make that film."

So far I've read dozens of blogs, magazines, and articles and listened to several people speak about the state of distribution. I've read 5 books, attended two seminars, interviewed three filmmakers, and written about 50 pages of single spaced notes. I've studied DIY marketing and promotion for artists, writers and filmmakers for two years...

And I still don't have a hook for the article.

This is one of those times that I envy people with journalism degrees. People who have been trained to find the compelling story in an avalanche of information.

Time for the second cup of coffee.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Film Ireland

Film Ireland Magazine.


I gotta get a blogroll instead of all these blog posts... time to update the blog template.

Scripped: Free online script writing software

Scripped is a free online writing software. Much like Google Docs, your scripts are available online from any computer, anywhere. You can get your free account here.

Good blog on DIY filmmaking

DIY Filmmaking Sucks is a very good blog on micr0-budget filmmaking.

Here's a good DIYFS report on the state of indie distribution from Sundance 2010.

Who is Tony Levelle?

Occasionally, people want to know who I am and what I'm working on.

Here are a few links.

My books on Amazon:

My website and blog:

A recent how-to article about hand-held camera techniques:

To contact me on Facebook:

Thursday, April 1, 2010

free inbound marketing tools

Free book sales tracking at BookGrader.org.

Free blog grader at Blog.Grader.com.

You can also find a free website grader, facebook grader, and press
release grader also at BookGrader.org.

Very useful tools. Also humbling when you run them on your own sites and blogs.

2 ways to track your book sales

Here are a two free ways to track the sales of your books.

I have used TitleZ for about a year, and like it a lot.

I recently found another site, Book Grader, that does much the same thing.

Both sites are worthwhile.

Book Grader