Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Domino Project

Seth Godin is starting The Domino Project to change the way books are published and purchased.

His goals:
  • To reinvent the way books are created when the middleman is made less important.
  • To reinvent the way books are purchased when the tribe is known and embraced.
  • To reinvent the way books are read when the alternatives are so much easier to find.
  • To find and leverage great ideas and great authors, bringing them to readers who need them.
It is my personal goal to become one of the authors working with the Domino project.

I have finished the first draft of a book that would be ideal for this project. The second draft is under way. When the second draft is finished, I will write a 20 page PDF manifesto as the first step toward finding and embracing the tribe for the book.