Sunday, September 28, 2008

Hypertext writing

A good example of a hypertext document. It was written with Storyspace software.

I find it odd that Eastgate (the manufacturer of Storyspace) doesn't have a hypertext manual. Instead, the user's manual is a comprehensive PDF document.

Eastgate has decided that well written examples are the best way to introduce the program, as opposed to a hypertext HOW TO tutorial.

Storyspace appears to be an elegant and powerful program.

Notes about notes

Excellent site on note taking: Notes about Notes

Found it when i was exploring the uses of the Mac note taking application, Tinderbox.

The site is exactly what i have been looking for regarding note taking... Philosophy, practice, and tools.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

New blogs?

I am considering different blogs for each project I'm involved in. I got the idea of separate blogs for separate projects from reading Kevin Kelly.

Possible blogs:

Digital Video Secrets (stuff related to the book and digital video in general). Good place to put Digital Video Secrets extras.
Producing With Passion (stuff related to the book)
Yoga (all things yoga, including photographs, notes on postures, notes on teaching techniques)
Digital photography (Nikon D40 stuff, maybe Nikon D90 stuff)
Writing (notes about writing nonfiction including research, note taking, structure, contracts, legal stuff, marketing, ethics. Also general writing stuff about interviewing techniques, work schedule, repetitive stress injuries, speech recognition tools, online transcription services)

Talk with Brad Friedman

Last night I talked to Brad Friedman of Brad Blog.

We sat outside a Starbucks in Burbank, California and talked until about midnight. I think Brad is a true patriot. He does what he does because he truly loves his country. As we talked about election fraud and the theft of democracy, it occurred to me that 250 years ago men like Tom Paine must have spoken with the same passion about their new country.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Journalism and democracy

Bill Moyers on a free and independent press, in a speech to the National Conference on Media Reform.

In that speech he said:
"...without a truly free and independent press, this 250-year-old experiment in self-government will not make it. I am no romantic about journalism. Some of my best friends are journalists. We are all fallen creatures, like everyone else. But I believe more fervently than ever that as journalism goes, so goes democracy."

We need more Bill Moyers: Five, six, a thousand more.

RED seminar

There's a RED seminar next month at San Francisco Film Society.