Tuesday, April 13, 2010

'how to get your film out into the world' article

Shipped the article on 'How to get your film out into the world.' It started out as an article about digital distribution, but as I got into the research for the article I realized that what 99% of micr0-budget filmmakers really needed to know was how to promote their films.

In other words, how to get their films out into the world, and how to find what Kevin Kelly calls their true fans.

Distribution and promotion are separate subjects. Distribution is about one thing: money. Promotion is about finding and nurturing a community that cares about you and your art.

When the promotion article appears I'll post a link to it.

Distribution is subject for a future article. I see three more topics to cover:
Hybrid distribution deals.
Traditional distribution deals.
Distribution scams and rip-offs.