Thursday, March 31, 2011

How to get thousands of friends and followers

Q. Emily Bond:
How do you win friends (on Facebook) and influence people (on Twitter)? In the early stages of a social media campaign, how do you creep into the thousands? What's a reasonable time frame?

A. Patrice Yursik: creep into the thousands you have to build buzz. How do you build buzz? By joining popular conversations on Twitter. By writing about hot button, timely topics. By using your contacts. By building relationships with popular bloggers, commenting on other bloggers blogs and offering to share information and posts with them.

My first thousand readers came from being a regular commenter on popular blogs, and when it was my turn, the creators of those blogs were only too happy to talk about me to their readers. So start reaching out!

From MediaBistro Social Media Marketing Boot Camp

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