Thursday, March 31, 2011

LINKS from Social Media Class = Weeks 1-3

A collection of useful links from the social media class for weeks 1-3. If I don't put them here, I'm going to forget them. Week 4 in another post... this is way too cluttered...

The audience for a book publisher? Braden Wright
How to get thousands of friends and followers. Emily Bond and Patrice Yursik
GalleyCat. Twitter contacts for Everyone In The Book Business.
Mashable. Find 'Em On Twitter.
Ant's Eye View. Social media firm, used by Cisco.
Stephanie Marx presentation on SlideShare.
7 ways to engage with your customers.
Single best way for Writers to become a brand. Kristen Lamb
Got Social Media Policy? (for nonprofits) Beth's Blog
Social Media Policy. (creating one) The Altimiter
Finding your Audience. Patrice Yursik
Where will you engage your audience? Saul Colt, aka 'the smartest man in the world.'
10 Things Seth Godin Taught Me About Social Media, Neal Schaffer
Definition of Twitter Tags The easy Twitter Directory
Measuring Social Media and It's Impact on Your Brand Cisco
Cross Linking SEO FAQ SEO Marketing World
What are twitter lists and how do you use them?
Five steps to a social media strategy. Amy Sample Ward
When Social Media Backfires. New York Times
Cisco Fatty, or Nothing Is Private
NPR's Social Media Strategy
How to create a social media strategy. David Griner One Forty is a respected reviewer of listening tools. This link is a list of 30 different Twitter toolkits used by community managers, and appropriate for SMB's. Start with Janet Aronica's Toolkit. She is smart, motivated, and helpful on Twitter. The trick is to a) define the problem and b) then choose the best tools to solve that problem. Just compiling a bunch of metrics will not provide an in depth analysis.
Janet Aronica's Community Manager Toolkit at One Forty
What fans want from social media. (h/t Alison Ashton)
7 ways to destroy your reputation on twitter (h/t Patrice Yurik)
Mari Smith's Top Ten Social Media Tools Facebook expert Mari Smith's top 10 tools
How to use social media to break into the music business
How to use social media to brand yourself as a writer Roy Peter Clark
Building a FaceBook Fan Page #1 free 10 part video series (start at 5). Requires email and account.
Building a Facebook Fan Page #2 another app for building facebook fan page. Requires email and account
Dirty Little Secrets of Search The JC Penny SEO debacle.
KD Paines checklist for social media monitoring
Marshall Sponder Web Metrics guru
Gary Vaynerchuk web page A social media success story. Good example of a page that sells books.
Gary Vaynerchuk facebook page. Key takeaway here is HAVE A CLEAR OBJECTIVE and then A SIMPLE PAGE DESIGN.
Gary Vaynerchuck twitter.
MediaBistro's All Facebook dot com. Landing tab design (Q: still ok since fb went to iFrame?)
Top 75 apps for Facebook Mari Smith
Networked blogs app
21 ways to increase your Facebook visibility Mari Smith

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