Thursday, March 31, 2011

Learning the skills and language of social media

People often become frustrated and overwhelmed when they try to learn social media. I think it helps to put the skill in perspective, chill out, and take it easy.

Learning to use social media is a lot like learning a new language. Say, for example, Spanish.

1. You only learn it by speaking.
2. You are going to make mistakes.
3. It takes about two years of consistent practice to get fluent.

Trying to speak Spanish overnight will only lead to failure and frustration. Trying to learn it by just reading a book will only lead to failure and frustration.
The only way to become fluent is to study, practice, and immerse yourself in the culture for a couple years.

Yes, some people can learn a language in five weeks. I had a friend like that once. He spoke 22 languages fluently, and was learning Swahili for fun. It takes the rest of us a little longer.

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