Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Where will you engage your audience

Saul Colt said:
"I always tell people to engage with your customers where ever they may be. Twitter, FaceBook, Linkedin are all great places to start conversations and share information but if your audience isnt already there then it will be a lot of work with not lot of return.

"Best way to tackle this is to devote some time (3-4 weeks) to spend everywhere and scale back on the platforms that are not working. You may find that Twitter is a gold mine or you may find that the best platform for you is a small niche industry message board.

"Ideally you want to bring your audience to you in the form of a community site (forums etc) so you can own the experience. Facebook changes rule and such often and one day may make it difficult to own your community so try to plan ahead a think "If I am going to put all my eggs into one basket, I should probably own the basket."

Saul Colt in the MediaBistro Social Media Marketing Boot Camp.

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