Friday, March 25, 2011

Caitlin Kelly and Malled

I accidentally met Caitlin Kelly by email the other day, through a writer's group I belong to. I was grousing about writers and their love-hate relationship to marketing, and Kelly referred me to the wonderful social media writer, Kristen Lamb.

After a couple email exchanges I Googled Kelly, and was shocked to realize I was talking to a New York Times writer and the author of the new book Malled: My unintentional career in retail.

Small world.

Kelly writes about what it's like to work retail for $7 to $10 an hour, after a career as a highly paid and successful print journalist. She explores the whole retail chain from the Chinese factories to the people who sell us things in the local mall. Malled is coming out on April 14. You can order your copy here.

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