Tuesday, September 18, 2007

RED camera is shipping

The RED digital cinema camera is shipping.

From the RED site:


Record 2540 progressive at up to 60 fps RAW. With 4520 X 2540 pixels, Mysterium™ puts pure digital Ultra-High Def in the palm of your hand.

RED ONE™ and REDCINE™ also support down-sampling to 1080p and 720p for in-field monitoring and compatibility with non-linear editors.

You get the same breathtaking field of view and selective focus found on film cameras. Mysterium™ boasts a greater than 66db Signal to Noise Ratio thanks to its large 29 sq. micron pixels. And 12,065,000 pixels deliver resolution that can only be called Ultra High Definition.

With a 12 megapixel super-35 mm sensor and interchangeable lenses this camera has the potential to revolutionize digital shooting. Looks like a fully equipped system--body, lenses, viewfinder, etc. would run around $50,000.

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