Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Cinevator digital film recorder

Film is not dead. Although there are fewer and fewer reasons to transfer digital to film, one good reason for transfer is archival purposes.

A 35mm print will be readable 100 years from now. I suspect that many of the current digital formats will be obsolete, and unreadable, within a couple decades.

The Cinevator digital film recorder, a new invention, can make direct prints with subtitles and sound (no negative needed), directly from digital information. It's less than half the price, compared to going through a negative.

Estimated costs:
NFS, 1st print - $25,500, $255/min
NFS, 2nd print - $7,500, $75/min
Total for both prints, $33,000, $165/average cost per minute

Using the single print price, NFS can make a print for festival/other use for 56% of the cost of generating the print via a DI (Digital Intermediate) interneg.

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