Friday, September 21, 2007

Publicity plan 3.0

"The heart of all publicity is personal contact."

Publicity plan finished. Very interesting exercise. The lessons learned should apply equally to publicity for both films and books.

After the publisher reviewed version 2.0 of the publicity plan, he suggested several additions. His suggestions improved the plan immensely. He helped me see things from a publisher/distributor's point of view.

New items:

- List of celebrity endorsements and/or interviews planned.
- Specifics on planned personal contact with the media (reviewers, writers, TV hosts, etc.)
- Specifics on planned personal contact with customers through workshops and conferences.
- Specific list of cities and dates for workshops, festivals, readings or screenings.
- List of film contests and festivals to which the work will be submitted. (Find them by seeing where similar works won awards.)
- List of published works.
- List any awards that you've won.
- Describe any distribution deals currently being negotiated.
- Describe any outreach activities (publicity, readings, screenings, etc.) done while creating the work.
- List any contact databases you've created during the creation of the work, or that you plan to get (rent, buy, or exchange) from other people or organizations.

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