Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Amazing: by David L Brown

Watched a rough cut of filmmaker David L. Brown's new documentary Amazing, tonight.

While telling the stories of the men and women who participated in the rebuilding of the MacArthur Maze, David captures the optimism and can-do spirit that represents the best of what we are as a people.

When you make a documentary, it's easy to throw stones, complain, and accuse... but to capture this sense of energetic optimism without hyperbole, spin, or boosterism is extremely difficult.

An extraordinary film. I think it will gain national recognition.

Amazing: The Rebuilding of the MacArthur Maze

"Amazing: The Rebuilding of the MacArthur Maze" is a half-hour television special relating the remarkable story of the fiery collapse and incredibly fast rebuild of the Bay Area's MacArthur Maze, where 3 major California freeways meet at the base of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge.

Produced and directed by David L. Brown, recent winner of two Emmy awards for his film about the Bay Bridge, "Amazing" tells the story of the Maze reconstruction from the perspectives of all the main players in the drama: the now legendary lead contractor C.C. Myers; Caltrans Director Will Kempton; the Caltrans engineers who rebuilt the collapsed structure; the Arizona steel fabricator whose company built the steel girders; a firefighter who responded to the accident; and the Oakland Tribune reporter who covered the story.

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