Monday, September 3, 2007

Creativity and productivity

I've always been fascinated by artistic productivity. What makes the difference between the prolific artist, filmmaker or writer and the rest of us?

Eric Maisel has written a book "Coaching The Artist Within," that identifies 12 skills a creative person can learn to "develop the habits that make creating a daily routine."

The skills as explained in "Coaching the Artist Within" are:
1. Self-coaching.
2. Finding and nurturing your passion.
3. Getting a grip on your mind.
4. Embracing dualistic thinking.
5. Generating mental energy.
6. Creating in the middle of things
7. Achieving a centered presence.
8. Committing to a goal oriented process.
9. Managing anxiety.
10. Planning and doing.
11. Reality testing.
12. Maintaining a creative life.

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