Friday, July 20, 2012

Join the South American Explorer's Club

South American Explorers is a non-profit organization providing travel information through Clubhouses across the continent.

From the South American Explorer's club (SAE) site: "Our clubhouse is a center of information: you find tons of guide books – including our owns!!, information sheets about various aspects of traveling (transport, night life, adventure sport, SAE´s top ten of things to do in Lima), members written trip reports, knowledgeable staff, reference maps, a library with some real gems, a collection of the South American Explorers Magazine, wifi access and more!"

If you plan to travel to South America, consider joining the SAE before you leave. When I was in Lima, my Miraflores area hotel was a short walk from the Lima club house. Had I known about it, I could have walked over, met other travelers, and learned more about Peru while waiting for my flight to Pucallpa.

The SAE membership page is here.

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Carla said...

It is definitely important to know where clubhouses are in Southamerica for those who want to stay there. The same happens with the ones like myself that want to stay at temporary fltas and have to look through the entire web to find what we want. I have a friend that also decided to rent an apartment in buenos aires  when she travelled to Argentina and the real estate company that she used gave her a magazine with all the info needed to get a place in Argentina. I thought the magazine was a very good idea so when I went to Argentina I hired the same company!