Friday, July 6, 2012

Re-entry after a vacation in the Amazon

I am slowly re-entering the world of blogs, hot showers, and email after two weeks in the Amazon basin. No phone, no email, no electricity. No news, no politics and no advertising. 

We climb a small hill, stepping from slippery rock to slippery rock. I stumble, and reach out instinctively to brace myself against a tree. The guide yells a warning and I barely avoid impaling my palm on a dozen of the three-inch-long poisonous needles that cover the tree's trunk.

I do my morning yoga on a river beach. 100 feet above, the sun slowly burns away a light grey mist to reveal lacy branches of the forest canopy.

Brilliantly colored birds, butterflies, and insects. Large, black spiders with eyes that gleam redly in the night. Ants. All kinds of ants.

Soon I will probably be writing about how to structure, write and market books.

But not yet.

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