Sunday, July 15, 2012

Dervla Murphy walks across the Andes

Update below

Dervla Murphy, her nine-year-old daughter Rachel and their mule Juana walked the length of Peru. Murphy tells the story in Eight Feet In the Andes.

Murphy is now in her early eighties, and still travels the world.

I just started reading another Dervla Murphy book, Ireland. I got the book because I wanted to get a sense of how Murphy writes, while I look for a copy of Eight Feet in the Andes. Murphy is a fantastic writer. Her prose is compelling, energizing, electric. This is the first coffee table book I might actually finish. Klaus D Francke's accompanying photographs of Ireland are stunning. I can't find any of the Ireland photos online. Only Francke's arial photography is online. I like the Ireland shots better.

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