Sunday, March 23, 2008

What do I want to be talking about in 5 years?

Michael Wiese said that one of the things he tells his potential authors is "Ask yourself what you want to be talking about in 5 years."

Good question. What do I want to be talking about in 5 years? A few random thoughts:

- Cameras. I am fascinated by cameras of all kinds, including digital video and digital still cameras. This fits in with the Digital Video Secrets book.
- Portraits. The idea of doing a series of portraits is compelling. I've started doing portraits of local people, and have a few that I like. I want to do more.
- Yoga. I'm fascinated by yoga for people at the "edges," kids, old people, people who are ill.
- Travel. A real grab bag here: Living for a couple months in Paris, Montreal, and Vancouver. An eco tour of Costa Rica, a walking tour of France, and a walking tour of the Erie Canal. Living for a month in Amsterdam, and spending a couple months taking a house-boat or barge through the canals of Europe.
- Film making. I'd like to learn more about the films of Kurasawa. I'd like to write a really good script one day, something to do with personal redemption.
- How-to books and articles. I must have been a teacher in a past life, because the idea of empowering people to do things, helping them make their worlds brighter, obsesses me and has done so for decades.
- Creativity. Another grab bag. How to turn creative ideas into reality. How to survive and thrive--mentally, physically, and spiritually--as a creative person. The role of creative people in an information society. This one is very ambiguous. Just a potpourri of ideas with the sense that there's "something there."

More on this later...

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