Monday, February 4, 2013

Moving Mom and Dad -- Abroad

On the average, I probably spend about half the year abroad (outside the US), but I am not sure I could move abroad permanently. As people age I think there is a tendency to become more inflexible and cautious. I'm nearly 70, and I notice this tendency in myself. This makes me wonder how easy it would be for most people to 'move mom and dad abroad.'

Moving Mom & Dad — Abroad

by Fran Johns

Scotney Castle, Lamberhurst,  Kent
Image by Lincolnian (Brian) via Flickr

Retirement village? Assisted living? Co-housing? Age-restricted or aging-in-place communities? Inter-generational cooperative? ...when the time comes to downsize, rightsize, clear out or economize. Here’s a new one that’s making the news: think global.

Even with (and sometimes because of) today’s grim economy, increasing numbers of Americans are choosing senior housing overseas... read more

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