Thursday, November 12, 2009

Digital media creators and their audiences

Scott Kirsner lists four key ideas about the relationship between digital media creators and their audience in the Internet age:

1. The Internet is an engine for participation and engagement.
A good way to create involvement is to blog and post videos regularly. When you blog, remember that the Internet is not about creating content it's about creating community.

2. If you invite people to help you, they will help you.
This is the amazing thing about the Internet. People will actually help you, if you are doing something interesting and if you ask.

3.Go where your audience is.
Figure out who your core audience is and where they are on the Internet. Go to them and build relationships.

4. Leverage the power of an audience database.
For example, filmmaker Robert Greenwald went to and built an audience by leveraging the mailing list.

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