Wednesday, August 19, 2009

6 publicity tools every new author needs

I recently asked book publicist Lorna Garano "What are the basic publicity tools every new  nonfiction book author needs?"  She quickly listed six things:

1. A press kit. 
And it should be good. Good writing, good photography, good graphic design and good printing. Have hard copies for mailing and handing out, and a soft-copy PDF on your website for downloads. 

The press kit should include, at a minimum: 
    a. Your "story" and bullet points about you
    b. Your bio and a head-shot (photograph) taken by a professional or talented amateur
    c. A list of suggested interview questions. Write the list in the form of a Q and A, and include full answers. Some interviewers will read the questions verbatim during interviews.
    d. Raves about you and about your book

2. A web site for your book or a dedicated page for the book on your existing web site
3. At least 3 targeted press releases to niche media

4. A blog 

5. An e-marketing piece (either a regular e-newsletter or some other regular email)

6. Video (on your web site) 

Note: This list is for nonfiction books, and not for fiction. Fiction books have different publicity and promotion needs.

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