Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Track agents, deals and editors at PublishersMarketplace

Not much blogging for the next few days. Family stuff. When I return, I want to write more about what you can do *before* you start writing to increase your chances of success with a nonfiction book.

Meanwhile, a few useful links.

1. PublishersMarketplace is the best place to track agents, deals, industry news and editors.
When you are checking out an agent, go to PublishersMarketplace to find their recent deals. The full website costs $20 a month on  a month-to-month basis. At the very least, sign up for a few months when you are marketing a book.

2. PublishersLunch is a free daily email from the folks at PublishersMarketplace.

Bonus links...

3. Jason Boog at Media Bistro's Galley Cat has a great article about Google resources for writers and publishers. (H/T to Jason for the following 4 links.)

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