Thursday, December 13, 2007


Very busy last couple weeks. Little chance to post blog entries.

Have been indexing the production book. Professional indexers quoted us $2,000 to index the whole thing, and I wish we'd taken them up on it. I find indexing a tedious, difficult job and one best left to people who have a gift for it.

The whole trick of indexing seems to be to keep the reader in mind, and constantly ask "what would be useful to someone looking for information: about framing the idea, interviewing an expert, or signing with a distributor, or any other topic...

My main challenge right now is eliminating redundant index entries, and referring the reader only to the specific and most useful page(s).

Very time consuming. But at least I get to sit in front of a fireplace, with a good cup of coffee at my side, as I work on the laptop.

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