Thursday, October 16, 2014

Revising '70 backbends?' -- Dialogue

Looks like the actual writing of 70 Backbends? is only the first step.
The next step is to go through the piece and revise the piece's use of dialogue, description, expert opinion, and conclusion.

First pass is for dialogue.
(Urk. It looks like I am using dialogue to deliver simple facts.)

A few notes on revising dialogue from Susan Orlean's Skillshare class on Creative Nonfiction:
1. Dialogue is one of the basic building blocks of Creative Nonfiction.  
2. A few rules for revision:
- Never use dialogue to deliver a simple fact.
      - Use dialogue to extend the reader’s understanding of a character.
- Use dialogue to reveal the language that people use when they are speaking to each other.
- Use dialogue to give a sense of who the character is, instead of just delivering facts.
- To evaluate a quotation, look for the *way* it is expressed.   What makes it worth quoting?

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