Sunday, October 25, 2009

Google docs for writing

A couple useful things you can do with Google Documents:
  • Organize a book.
    1. Open a Google documents file, and add main topics as they occur to you.
    2. Assign each main topic and sub-topic a HEADER value.
    3. Add content to topics and sub topics as it occurs to you.

    USING GOOGLE DOCS (Header 1)
    Easy to access from anywhere. (Expand this. Social impact?)
    Talk about Google?

    Access at work.
    Multiple computers (access from any computer)
    Access from wireless at coffee shop. List wireless issues.

    COFFEE SHOPS (Header 3)
    types of coffee shops.
    at the local coffee shop, observations and pictures.
  • Keep track of revisions
    Google docs keeps track of all your revisions.

    Open a google documnt and select: File>See Revision History.

    Google Documents will display a long list showing every revision you ever made to the doc. You can even compare versions by checking two revisions and selecting the 'Compare Checked' button.

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