Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Kindle, Ebooks and TOC (Tools of Change for Publishing)

A friend just got a Kindle.
He is downloading books daily at 49 cents. The Kindle will hold hundreds of books. What does this mean for book authors? No one knows. Looks like it's either a tremendous opportunity, or the end of the profession.

Useful links:
-> Amazon's Kindle Store.
-> A good review of the Kindle.
-> Kindle bestsellers
-> Is The Net Good For Writers? by RU Sirius.
-> OReilly TOC (Tools of Change) -- For Publishing. OReilly appears to be in the lead when it comes to sussing out the new publishing paradigm.
-> Steven Poole writes about giving away a book online. Comments outline the major issues.
-> Cory Doctorow advocates posting online simultaneously with publishing paper book.

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