Sunday, February 3, 2008

Camera book--last two weeks

I'm in the last two weeks of preparing the camera book for the publisher.

- Solved office situation by clearing out a room at home, and putting a sign on the door "Office. Work Hours 9 AM-5 PM." Sounds dumb, but I'm so visually oriented that it seems to work. (Rental deal for small studio downtown fell through.)

- Am revising the text, again. Each time it comes a little more into focus.

- Have photo shoot tentatively scheduled for next week. Found 3 attractive models locally, and have ordered props from B&H. (The props are actually tools that I have been meaning to buy anyway--like a Rycote Softie windscreen, and a DSC Labs Warm'nWhite test card.)

- Got final cover layout this morning. Cover looks great.

- Sent 20 pages to publisher for initial page layout.


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