Sunday, October 14, 2007

New Sony HD camera

The new Sony PMW-EX1 HD camera looks ideal for indies and low-budget docs. Small, lightweight and because everything is solid state--no tape drive--rugged.

It shoots variable frame rates and records up to 140 minutes of HD on flash memory. Pretty impressive for an $8K camera.

The Sony PMW EX1 shoots full 24 frame 1080p, and has a 14x Fujinon lens with manual focus and a real iris ring.

Camera to be released in November. No info yet on how to get all the gorgeous footage into FCP.

The Sony product brochure says you can record 140 minutes of HD on two 16 GB flash cards. No word on what the cards cost, but they will be pricey. Before buying this camera, I'd want to see how to get the images from the cards into an FCP editing system.

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